The Studio    



Works are created, live and breathe inside the studio. Separating the studio from the gallery is an important part of the creative process. Chaos reigns supreme inside the studio which is enhanced by natural light combining to create ideal conditions for developing new ideas. Contrast this with the cleanliness and artificial light of the gallery room which provides an area where reflection and presentation often feed the development of ideas back to the studio e.g. by a piece hung on a wall viewed in a new light or from a different angle.


Paintings find themselves in the back of vans, hoisted by crane, posted and shipped across continents and often hung in the most stylish surroundings. “I am always amazed when I see them hung in their new homes in comparison to their chaotic and humble beginnings from within the engine room of the Phoenix Studio. Some of the pieces remain with me for months and even years before I let them go. Part of me is consumed by them but once they are released into the world they become independent entities with personalities and lives of their own”.


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